Book Review: Breach by Amrita Chowdhury

Amrita Chowdhury
The Blurb

How secure are your secrets in the virtual world?  Weeks before pharma-giant Acel is ready to file a global patent application for cancer wonder-drug Colare, its offshore data centre in Mumbai is hacked. The charismatic, young leader of its Indian business, Dr Udai Vir Dhingra, finds himself being blamed for negligence and breach of security. Battling market pressures, media scrutiny, livid American bosses and crumbling relationships, Vir must find the perpetrators, or see his career – and his life – spiral downwards. But the deeper he gets dragged into the shadowy world of masked online identities and muddied digital footprints, the more Vir discovers that nothing is easy or obvious, and everything has a price. Set across Mumbai, Washington and Guangzhou, Breach is a compelling and edgy cyber thriller that explores the dark and dangerous underbelly of our increasingly virtual existence
The Review 

Breach is a fast paced cyber thriller, written in short chapters, with multiple twists and turns in the plot, yet simple enough to be understood by the average reader.

The chapters in this story are many, yet each chapter is of three or four pages max. The style is akin to that of Ravi Subramanian’s. If you can trust the author and swim on for the first few chapters, you will soon grasp the whole scenario and will be able to keep pace with the speed of Amrita’s storytelling.

The story is a well researched one, throwing enough light on the pharmaceutical as well as hacking world to make the reader understand the gravity of the situation the plethora of characters go through in the twists and turns of the plot.

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Meet the Author


Amrita Verma Chowdhury is the author of Faking It, an art crime thriller about fake modern and contemporary Indian art.
She holds engineering degrees from IIT Kanpur and UC Berkeley, where she was a Jane Lewis Fellow, and an MBA from Carnegie Mellon (Tepper Business School). Her work as an engineer in Silicon Valley led to seven US patents for semi-conductor fabrication – something to show for those bad-haired days. She has done Strategy Consulting and Board Effectiveness work in the US and Australia and has spent long nights fitting five-syllable words inside two-by-two squares. She has worked in the rarefied bastions of Ivy League education bringing together ideas and people. She currently works in publishing.
She lives in Mumbai with her husband Sumit, their two children Shoumik and Aishani, and an assortment of pets including a cocker spaniel, a guinea pig and two turtles. She loves travelling, baking cupcakes with her daughter and hearing from her readers.
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This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review by The Book Club Group

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