Cultivating an Attitude Of Gratitude

The journey of our lives isn’t always on smooth roads. Potholes, humps, u-turns; come what may, we need to take it in our stride and keep moving. Success shouldn’t be allowed to go into our head nor should failures depress us. I have always found that being grounded and being thankful for what we have and looking for things to be thankful in situations where there seem to be none goes a long way in keeping me sane. It also helps me to remember that not everything is in my control.

We have so much to be thankful about every day.  Yet, for some reason, most of us choose to be negative and blind, always complaining and always feeling that life is unfair to us. I recently came across a Gratitude Challenge on my twinny’s blog and found it to be the perfect excuse to cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude. Follow my friend SSJ and me as we take on this challenge for 52 weeks.



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