The Blue Shopping Bag

Her eyes shone as the steady stream of light revealed a blue bag with tiny little flowers on them.

“Oh Mama, I wanna go shopping today. I wanna take this bag and walk the streets so that all the other girls would look my way and admire all the pretty little flowers on it.”

“Well if all you want to do is show off the flowers, I will wash all the dirt off so that it looks brighter and cleaner. Alright, sweetheart?”

When the bag was sparkly clean and dry, her mother gave the blue shopping bag to Anne and allowed her to show the it to her friends. After a while a crying Anne came back and ran into her mother’s arms. The child was sobbing her heart out. Mary had to try several times before she could get her little one to confess what had transpired in the street where Anne had gone to play.

“Mama they called me names. They hate me Mama” sobbed the little girl.

“They said that I was nothing but a ragamuffin and that either you picked this nice shopping bag from the garbage bin or I stole it from one of the rich ladies in the bus. I told them we purchased this bag so that we could go shopping in the city, but they wouldn’t believe me Mama. I have no friends anymore” Anne was inconsolable.

Mary knew she had to do something so that her little doll’s heart wouldn’t be broken. She very well knew how cruel children could be at times, especially to poor children. She quietly went to the small kitchen they had and retrieved all the money she had been saving from the last two years so that they could get their roof mended.  Giving the bag and the money to Anne, she told they could all go and see the village fair and that Anne should buy ice creams for all her friends with the money.  Mary knew that they would be fine living under a broken roof, but not with a tiny broken heart. The money would come when it had to.

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    • Yeah Leo. Children can be cruel at times and they don’t even realize the harm they’re doing to other kids. But all’s well that ends well alle

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