The Experiment

Christmas was always their favorite festival. The dad-daughter duo decked up their whole house like it was a wedding. This time little Lia insisted on putting up the lights herself, she’d just turned 22 after all. Dad, very fathery was paranoid about his daughter dying from shock. When she thought she was done, she sent … Read moreThe Experiment

Difficult Drawing

“There is no way I am going to let you not finish what we started. C’mon Appu try mone. I  am sure you can do it.” “No dad it’s impossible for me. Look at this; I am no good at this stuff.” “Ok let me explain. It’s basically just a triangle…Seeeeee‼     You try … Read moreDifficult Drawing

All Set To Go

  Finally. He was all set to go. He’d served his notice period and was good to go. His family thought he was going away on a road-trip,  that’s all they needed to know at this point of time. They called him crazy, leaving his hotshot job at an MNC and taking months off to … Read moreAll Set To Go

Book Review – Matches Made in Heaven by Sundari Venkatraman

  For someone who loves romances like I do, Sundari’s books are a treat. Having read Meghna and Double Jeopardy last year, I knew it would be a treat to read Matches Made in Heaven. 13 love stories are quite tempting and I couldn’t wait to lap it all up. Thirteen is not a number … Read moreBook Review – Matches Made in Heaven by Sundari Venkatraman

The Blue Shopping Bag

Her eyes shone as the steady stream of light revealed a blue bag with tiny little flowers on them. “Oh Mama, I wanna go shopping today. I wanna take this bag and walk the streets so that all the other girls would look my way and admire all the pretty little flowers on it.” “Well … Read moreThe Blue Shopping Bag

At The Thulasithara

  The moths struggled to land near the lamp whose flame was threatened by the evening breeze. Kartikeyan watched the shadows shift and change shapes as the source of light continued its unsteady dance. Struggling to stand up and supporting himself against the wall, he got up calling out to Lord Krishna. Kartikeyan’s relationship to … Read moreAt The Thulasithara

If Only

“If only you had come in earlier Neena, we might have been able to help you”

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