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Even when hand sanitizers were the in-thing and everyone seemed to always be carrying a bottle of it in their purse/handbag/laptop bag and God know where else, nothing in the world could convince me to use it. For all I saw, some smelling liquid was poured onto your hands and then rubbed all over. It was gross for me. Good old washing the hands was the option I would go with – day or night. Wet tissues were good for whatever they are good for, but did they tackle the plethora of germs on the surfaces we come in contact with everyday? Nah, I didn’t think so. Then there were baby wipes, but there was no baby in the house and then there was the issue of accommodating them in the monthly budget.

Recently I came across Dettol Multi Use Wipes. It came in a neat little packet, 30 of those citrusy smelling wipes sitting snugly together in one green coloured pouch that screams Dettol. I did find the price a tad high, but compared to the baby wipes from another well reputed brand, I could easily buy this. I had to try it, at least once.

dettol mutli use wipes

The first two days I had comfortably forgotten about the existence of this, but when I opened the opened the packet almirah to take out something, the aroma called out to me and that is when I figured I had not tried this little wonder yet. Out came one. Since I had come to get a CD, and since they claimed it was multi use, I tried it to clean the keyboard. The results, needless to say, were amazing. I had no issue to use the wipes for my personal care. Dettol for me has always meant hygiene and best in the industry.

I used it to my best satisfaction to clean my laptop keyboard, found it good to wipe hands and face and saw that it did give a result close to washing my face with soap and water. It was surprising that even the make up came off quite well even if I had a heavy layer of lipstick, mascara and eye liner on.

The smell is one of the other things I liked very much. The pack is  resealable and it prevents the other tissues remaining in the packet from drying up. A huge plus for Dettol Multi Use Wipes is for the fact that even if you pull out a tissue in a hurry, just one comes out and the others like obedient children, stay inside the classroom. The tissues are alcohol free and are very skin friendly. My kid brother who has sensitive skin, did not have any discomfort while using them, and that is another advantage of bringing this product into the family as far as I can see.

The best part is that they are truly multi purpose. We even tried it to clean the mirrors and wipe the glass tables. One thing is for sure, they are going to always present in my home and car, maybe my handbag too 😉

Dettol Multi-Use Wipes have a shelf life of 24 months and are available in packs of 10s and 30s and are priced and Rs 120 and 115 respectively.

You can buy Dettol Multi-Use Wipes online on Amazon | Flipkart | Snapdeal.


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