What Role Would You Play?


role play in life


I would choose the role of being the daughter of my parents, if I had to face such a situation ever in my life. Why? Because they are the reason I am. My culture puts mother and father before God, but more than that, because I love them more than myself.

What would your answer be? What role would you choose to play?


There was no way we could let our blogs just sit and rot, while we blamed everyone but ourselves for not writing. Deciding to put an end to the hiatus on writing, Meena and I have decided to write on every day of November on alternate days. Today if the post is on my page, tomorrow it will be on hers…..

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4 thoughts on “What Role Would You Play?”

  1. M a Man but I know, women are the producers of this world, and a woman plays so many roles in our everyday life, that my mom dies more than 30 years ago, I still miss her. She was the greatest and the Girls bring so much sunshine, that I have only happiness for them


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