Link Was Not Working

“But Rhea, the link was not working”

“Exactly, it never is.”

“What do you mean?”

“You will never understand John.”

“You could try”

“Then what do you think I was doing for the past 8 years John? How do you explain that huh?”

“Oh!” his face fell.

I will not fall into this trap again, this is my last chance and I have to give happiness a chance, Rhea told herself.

They had been dating for the last eight years and were friends for an even longer period. It seemed like there was no word called loyalty in his dictionary. She had seen him in compromising situations with various women. Whenever confronted he woud either make up some unbelievable story or would apoloize and fall at her feet. Her parents too were urging her to get married and settle down soon. Adding to all her frustrations was the fact that John was playing dumb and playing with her life. She could no longer be with him and tolerate him for no reasons. It was as if love wasn’t there anymore. She had often toyed with the idea of separation, but never went ahead with it thinking of John’s plight. He had no family to go to and he had no friends who would tolerate him like Rhea did.
All that had to change some time. It was time that Rhea thought about herself and what she wanted. She knew that she definitely did not want a man who could never entirely be hers. She knew she wanted happiness and she knew that she had to walk out of the prison she had put herself in, in order to be truly happy and free.


There was no way we could let our blogs just sit and rot, while we blamed everyone but ourselves for not writing. Deciding to put an end to the hiatus on writing, Meena and I have decided to write on every day of November on alternate days. Today if the post is on my page, tomorrow it will be on hers…..

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11 thoughts on “Link Was Not Working

  1. Finally she could find happiness for herself. Sometimes decisions are tough but are good for our lives if taken.

    I liked your idea about blogging alternatively! 🙂

  2. Rhea should have left John years ago! What a waste of time! And yet, how many women do that in real life, staying in relationships for the wrong reason usually more so out of pity for the man? I did years ago and what a mistake, though a lesson learned the hard way. We women need to learn we are worth having a life and being in a loving, caring, nurturing relationship…we deserve it!

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