Ten Things To Do

  It is creepy. When you sit down and try to make a list of ten things to do before your last breath, you realize that it is going to be a blind shot. You don’t know how much time you have left, you don’t know how many you can tick off off this list you are writing. I had written a bucket list some time back. I am happy that I have come close to fulfilling more than one of them and that it feels wonderful to be able to see that your dreams can actually come true. This post is because my dear friend wanted me to share the ten things I want to do before I breathe my last. I am purposefully not mentioning the items in my previous list. I wish to meet some of those wonderful people whom I have met thanks to this little blog I maintain. To make a positive change in a person’s life who is not related to me in any way. See my name in print. A library inside my home, complete with a nice cozy corner by the window sill to read and lose myself in a book. To have the tag of a Dr. before my name. Spend at least some time of my life teaching and being with students. To see the dreams of my parents’ being fulfilled and their satiated expressions on their faces. To take my mom to the place that is close to her heart and one where she yearns to go back to. To witness Nirmalya darshan in Guruvayur temple once. (The Nirmalya darshan is the first few minutes of the day when you can see Guruvayurappan – from 3 A.M to 3.20 A.M. The Lord now would still be adorned with the flowers and garlands of the previous night. Its believed that after the night pooja, when the doors are closed, the devas (Gods) come and worship the deity.) To close my eyes and take the last breath with the satisfaction that I have done all that I could and that my life is complete.  To continue this tag ‘Ten Things to Do” which I was passed on to by my own SSJ, I call on my dear friend Vinay and Georgy

Broken Dreams, Sleepless Nights

Broken Dreams, Sleepless Nights is Chapter 15 in team TheSpellbinders’ story. Read here.

Chapter 6 : Chance Encounters and Changed Plans ~ The Spellbinders

  Psst: Have you read the preceding chapters? Here are the links: 1. Room Number Four by Ankita Singhal 2. Table Number Four by Bushra M 3. If Looks Could Kill by Ryan Fernandes 4. The Flower That Never Bloomed by Kunal Borah 5. Elephant Parade by Sunita Rajwade When Jenny started her own wedding photography business, it was initially her escape  from her daddy, who relentlessly pestered her to settle down with any Kuruvilla or Jacob  he could find. It was like he was only interested in the amount of money they had or the expanse of their rubber plantation. The last guy was a complete snob, oh how she hated those typical mucchad mallus. No matter how she tried, she always failed to convince her dad that she could never be tied down. The places she haunted were the Old Tibetian Art Gallery and the Kashi Art Cafe. When the Biennale was hosted in her city, she had been the … Read more

Table Number 4 – TheSpellBinders

Tara kissed her lovingly and took in her features, getting a closer look at her. Her face was round, she had strawberry lips, a V-shaped chin and her heart stopped beating for a moment. The baby opened her piercing blue eyes and stared at her mother. Those brilliant blue eyes reminded Tara of someone…. No! I should not think about him!

The Room Number 4

“She can’t be Roohi!” Shekhar screamed “She is not my Roohi.” His screams and anguish went unheard in the God forsaken secluded warehouse.

For Perfection’s Sake

  She wondered, tried to retrace her steps and actions and tried to figure out where she’d faltered. Try as much she could, she found no point to put a finger on. “Probably it’s my fate” Then again, she was not someone who would resign and accept any failures in her life as fate. She … Read more

Memories of a Bygone Onam

Preparations were going on in full swing. Not a single student was idle and everyone was occupied with various tasks.

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