We did not want


The clouds covered most of the night sky. Like a shy girl hiding from the guests, the moon hid behind the clouds, trying to escape our eyes. Happy that we had made the decision, we spent the night in comforting silence, watching the stars twinkling their affirmation and smiling down at us.

We did not want a grand wedding, just the people we love. We did not want a huge feast, but to bring some smiles on people who knew not what happiness was. We did not want gold and gifts, we wanted to share our gifts with those who had none.

As per our wish, our wedding ceremony would be held in the neighbourhood orphanage, among the kids whom we loved spending time with, among the kids who were our extended family.

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2 thoughts on “We did not want”

  1. and i am sure what would be a GRAND event toooo .. beautiful thought

    i hate it when people waste so much MONEY and FOOD when we have so many who are poor and have to sleep hungry at night..


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