How I Missed My Train

He literally plucked my heart out and walked all over the broken pieces and trampled my feelings. That day, for the first time in my life, I missed my train.

The Third Stair

And every time it creaked, he’d wonder why that stair, and if it’d break, taking his leg with it. His father told him the story that night at dinner.

We did not want

  The clouds covered most of the night sky. Like a shy girl hiding from the guests, the moon hid behind the clouds, trying to escape our eyes. Happy that we had made the decision, we spent the night in comforting silence, watching the stars twinkling their affirmation and smiling down at us. We did … Read more

The Girl In The Train

  It was as if nature was taking her revenge on us. It was raining heavily since the last four days and it was a miracle that the locals were still operational. Late they were, but that was nothing new. After waiting for what seemed like eternity and after letting three trains pass by without … Read more

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