The Soup


Rishabh and Javed walked into the bank together. It was their first day at their first job. Both the friends were looking forward to having a good day and had reached office well in time. They had met in Mysore in the bank’s training college and had become fast friends. Finally when the posting orders came, their joy knew no bounds as they realized that they had been posted in the same branch.

Rishabh was from Kannur and he was living in a men’s hostel near the branch whereas Javed lived with his parents in the city itself. The two men looked like opposite poles, probably that was the reason they were attracted to each other so much. While Rishabh was a hefty young man with a thunderous laughter and with a young boyish air about him, Javed was a prim and proper gentleman who was quieter, but enjoyed a good laugh and was shy whenever the girls oohed and ahhed about his dimples.

The day was about to begin and they stood up when they saw the seniors arrived; like obedient students, they waited outside the Manager’s cabin as he would guide them on how and what was to be done, he would brief them and then allot them their departments. As they waited, an elderly lady walked. Dressed in a crisp cotton saree, she had an authoritative air about her and she entered the cabin and occupied the big leather chair and motioned for them to enter and take the chairs opposite to her.

As soon as they sat down, she told them that they were waiting for one more person as she too would be joining them from today. As they sat and watched the various people streaming in and out of the branch, they wondered how each person would be and how they would make themselves comfortable in the midst of these new people and how their new job would turn out to be.

After what seemed like forever, there was a knock on the cabin and a female voice asked permission to come in. The breeze carried the fragrance of the woman before she herself came in. Both the men turned to smile at the new girl, Javed true to his nature gave a small smile while Rishabh appeared to be elated beyond words for some reason that Javed was not aware of. The girl smiled at Javed and when she saw Rishabh, she suddenly stiffened and gave an awkward, forced smile.

Later, when Javed prodded him to explain the reason for his sudden smile and the subsequent foul mood, Rishabh told him that the girl who had introduced herself as Faiza today was the same girl Nina whom he had met online and whom he had lost his heart to.


Leo and I are writing for the same themes this UBC. We are doing fiction based on the same theme this week. See you tomorrow!

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  1. OMG! OMG!

    haha! I couldn’t have expected the last lines ever 😀 I can now put all the posts together 🙂
    I am just not good with patience 😛

    Great Post! Waiting for more (eagerly)
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