The Long Wait


He was in the train, anxious to get down, she was on the platforms eager to see the person she had been waiting for. It’d been exactly six months and she hadn’t seen him for that long. It was the first time she was staying away from him for so long. Ending what seemed like an eternity, the train finally arrived. There he was – her favourite person! He’d grown taller, lost weight and become more manly. Her baby brother was growing up, she smiled to herself as he pulled her into a bear hug.

When Leo suggested we write on Siblings today, I jumped at the opportunity. I simply ADORE my baby brother even though he is not a baby any more, and I can easily write pages about him. But then, I didn't really think I should write another one on him since there already was enough material here where he was the hero; hence the drabble.



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20 thoughts on “The Long Wait”

  1. Small but Touchy..
    Its really nice for me to imagine this beautiful moment through your writing Bhavya.. But In reality I never got this moment to cherish.. 🙁

  2. “He’d grown taller, lost weight and become more manly.” …. how our baby bro’s grow up in no time… and act as if our elder bro’s!


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