The Stolen Pencil


The little boy was sitting in a corner. He was very dark and wore the same uniform as her. From where she saw, it seemed like he was sobbing for something. The little girl had one fault – only one. She could never see anyone sad. Thus she went to him and sat down next to him, her elbow resting on her knee and the back of her palm supporting her chin. She sat like that for a while, contemplating whether or not to ask him the reason behind his tears.
‘Would he feel bad if I ask? Boys don’t like when someone sees that they are crying. What if he tells me and there is nothing I can do about it?’ Umpteen questions racked her 9 year old brain but she still went ahead and put her hands on his shoulder.
The boy turned and suddenly faced her and started telling her about how Rakesh had stolen his pencil. She felt like laughing.. he looked so cute when he cried, but at the same time she felt bad for him. She took out the ‘foreign pencil’ – the one with an eraser at its end and gave it to him smiling – ‘here, take this.’
The little boy gave a dimpled smile and promptly put it in his bag and dried his eyes. She got up and walked away, wondering what to tell her mom about how she had lost the pretty pencil her uncle had brought for her from London.

As we come to the end of one week of UBC, Leo and I decided to wrap up our Memories Magic week by writing about Friends and Friendship. What is your favourite story of you and your friend? I can’t wait to read :)
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21 thoughts on “The Stolen Pencil”

  1. The greatest gift of life is friendship..
    Friend knows how to make You Smile.. 🙂
    Small but Beautiful Story..

  2. adorable…

    you know those were good old days for sure .. my Bhua lived in USA and she would bring such pencils with erasers, scented ones and the one that had fingers etc on the back .. so many different types… Reminded me of those good old days

  3. When in KG or something, been a very silent and sweet(read it as talkative and naughty) student, teacher kicked me out of class… and when I was standing there all bored… here comes my boy-friend.. also kicked out of class… to give me company. 😉

    And this one was beautiful and so cute! 🙂

  4. Cute! Our Lil Love fills up a pocket of her school bag with the chocolates that her Dad or I bring after our tours. She tells us, “One for Mitali, one for Priyasha, one for Harman, one for Berlina, one for Ridhima Pant, one for Rishima Ahuja….”. But I’m glad that she tells us what she did with them. 🙂


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