She had no clue what she was doing. All she meant to do was to apply for a few jobs and create a decent profile for herself on two of the top three professional networking sites, instead, her days had gone so horribly wrong this past week. She spent hours together in the internet cafe and had to hand over big money to the guy there. It was always a world that fascinated her beyond words, the internet. She always wondered how and where so much information was stored and from where all these people came together on various portals. And then there were those ads. The ones that claimed that she was the 1,00,00,000th visitor on the site and that she had won an iPhone or the ones where suggestively dressed women wanted to date her; all of this was too much for the girl from the village who came to the city in search of a better education. The college was closed for a week because some training programmes for the lecturers were being conducted at their college. Instead of going home,  her classmates and she who shared the same PG accommodation decided to stay back and have fun.

Fun had taken on a different turn when the other girls started going out with their boy-friends. She was not interested in whiling  time away like that and decided she would invest her time in something productive. Thus began her sessions at the internet cafe. Was it some ad that she clicked or some spam email that brought her to, she knew not.

She had frankly not thought much before creating a profile there, all it asked for was her name, gender, email address and a date of birth. Nina, female, and 10-09-1993 – there, no private information had been given to the big bad world, she was safe, her information was safe too. She had almost forgotten about her account till she got a mail two days later saying someone had left her a message. Nonchalantly, she replied to the mail and forgot all about it. Over the last few days, she got friendly with the guy and started talking to him frequently over chat and email.

They became quite pally in just a few days. She should have stopped when he asked for her picture, but then one picture was harmless and so she sent it to him and they continued to be friends. He told her about his family and the things that hurt his heart, while she nursed his wounds and tried to heal him.

There could be a sequel to this, we can't let things be the way they are can we ;)
This is Day 9 here at the UBC. Leo and I are having fun churning out fiction about the same names -Nina it is today, and so are a lot of other wonderful bloggers. Come back for more tomorrow.

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  1. I have to read what happens next. I just have to! But why do I get the feeling that it’s not going to be a happy one next? I hope I’m wrong, though 🙂

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