The Lost Chance


Being a music buff, she wanted to learn music and impress the people around her. Every time during school vacations, she would plan on joining music classes and her family would encourage her. Yet, she never joined. Somehow for one reason or the other, she always felt that there was something missing in her, that something was less in her, the inferiority complex would not leave her or let her live her life to the fullest. Even when the little girl grew up, she continued to be haunted by the complex that followed her more than her own shadow.

The girl would stand in awe and listen to the others when they sang, she would hum tunes in the bathroom under the shower and try to match her tune with the popular singers who belted out numbers after numbers on her favourite radio channels. People always told her she had a sweet voice and whenever she thanked them, the second question was almost always, ‘do you sing?’ which she always answered in the negative.

Deep in her mind, she would answer them – I’d like to try, would you listen? But the invisible reigns always held her back. She led a life ruled by chains that did not even exist, never knowing how much she could grow if only she willed to believe that those shackles that bound her were nothing but a fragment of her imagination, that in reality, she was never held back by anything, that if only she had shown a bit of courage, she might have soared high and touched the sky and not have lamented over the lost chance.


Leo and Ishi are doing a Memories Magic theme for the first seven days of the UBC and today we have chosen to write about Music. Deriving inspiration from the theme, this story has been penned (or keyboarded :P). Once you are done sharing your thoughts with me, go visit Leo. See you tomorrow :)
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5 thoughts on “The Lost Chance”

  1. Wow.. lovely… 🙂 I don’t sing, but hearing my voice there is hardly anyone who doesn’t ask, “do you sing”.. I do at times think, what if I had learned 😛 😛

  2. This happens so many times, actually the biggest fight one faces is the fight with yourself, to overcome those fears. Very nicely written

  3. How many people are really there who can show such courage? It is tough…sometimes ones dreams go unrealized because even they are unaware that those are their dreams…

    Anyway, I liked the story…hope she does find courage.


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