The Journeys That Made Her


The journeys always excited her. It was always new to her and she waited with bated breath for every new journey. She would never ask where she was going as she loved the surprise element it gave her.
Many a times, she would see things and leave a little piece of her heart there, at times she would carry a piece of that which stole her heart. The people she met shaped her, some she loved, some she hated. While she mourned over the death of some, she would be jubilated beyond words when some met their fate and succumbed to it.
She felt the pain of those people and often would shed tears for them. She felt happy at their smallest successes and felt them to be her own.
Without realising it, she fell in love with those people and the journeys that took her around the world, she realised she is what she is because of her travels – through time, space, people, countries, languages and bodies.
That is why perhaps even after years passed by, she still looked forward to each of the journeys that her books took her on.




Bookworms; that is what we are. When Leo and I decided to do the UBC together writing about the same things from different viewpoints, Books had to be written about.

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18 thoughts on “The Journeys That Made Her”

  1. Oh this actually sounded like various journeys you took. Did not guess till last that you’re talking about your book journeys! Well, I agree, those are just as enriching as the real journeys we take 🙂

  2. I agree 🙂 That’s why I love to read too. The journeys are incredible, alle?

    I’ve just met a murderer through the pages of a novel. Now have to meet the detective & see what’ll unfold. 🙂

  3. I love the way you have written it, there is a certain bookworm in many of us and how we love these journeys. Very nice Bhavya.

  4. So well written, I know your love for any printed matter, whether it is a newspaper the shopkeeper wraps the stuff in that you bought from him or the pages from the magazine used to make cones by the groundnut hawker!


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