Dreams Unlimited


As the train chugged into the station, eager heads peeped out from the window to see the platform and form the first opinion about the place. It was not everyday you were sentΒ  to a beautiful laid back city in the southern peninsula of India on a completely paid trip. Of course, this was no trip, it was going to be a training session. The new job required Peter to spend two weeks in Mysore and learn the nuances before the world would pressure him to perform and meet targets.

His new employer, the IT giant had given him a room in a PG along with trainees from a few other firms, as part of some ‘social mixing’ experiment they were conducting. There were going to be guys from other companies as well and they would be sharing the same accommodation. He wondered how that would turn out as he got down from the compartment.

The weather was pleasant; the roads were smooth unlike the ones in his home-town which were interspersed with potholes that hurt your back and your vehicle alike. After about an hour, the cab pulled into the driveway of the palatial building where his accommodation had been arranged.

As he unpacked, his fingers caressed the hardbound copy of the Holy Bible his mother had given him on her deathbed. He remembered her words clearly even now, ‘Peter, wherever you go, keep this with you. You will feel I am looking over you and that will prevent you from taking the wrong roads and short-cuts in life. Remember, there are no free lunches, no short cuts and no substitute for your sweat’ she had said.

He was determined to make it big in life, he knew it would take him one small step after another, but he also knew that it was better than hoping that one day he would be able to make a giant leap to reach his goal. He had no rich uncle who would cushion his fall in case he fell short, no siblings who would hold his hand and show him the way. This book his mom had left him, her only possession was his sole strength. He had come a long way from being the heart broken college kid with a little sister to look after. He had done odd jobs and taken up jobs even at night just to ensure that his sister and he continued to study. He was proud of all that they had done, even proud of what they would accomplish.


This is Day 10 of the UBC and the name we have chosen for today's story is Peter. Go read Leo's version after you tell me what you think of my story.

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16 thoughts on “Dreams Unlimited

  1. reminded me when i came to uk, first job i did was that of a security guard, 12 hours shift a day.. then became a cashier at petrol station and so on slowly up…

    also did a stint 3 weeks a bus driver πŸ™‚ so slow and steady wins the race for sure

    no shame in doing any work as long as you do it with all heart and work hard..
    thankfully god has been kind .. havenot had the chance to deviate from the path and hopefully never will ..

    or else i also know the 5kg hand of my dad meeting my cheeks even if he is not here anymore πŸ™‚

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