Decisions, decisions, decisions!


It was her first day and boy was she excited. It had taken her two weeks to properly convince her parents that she would indeed be safe and that this step was necessary for all of them. She was not being selfish and was doing this for the good of all of them. They could not go on living like this forever and the situation needed to change, she figured that she was the only one who could take things into hand and make matters better for themselves. After all, if she didn’t help herself,  God too would not help her.

She took out the pista coloured kurta and leggings that she would wear today. She had been waiting for this day since the appointment letter was delivered by their friendly postman. It was a bold decision, to quit her college and decide to pursue her post graduate course on her own, without going to regular classes. The university thankfully had the provision where the students could study like a distance education course and just be present to give the exams. Her parents had not agreed in the beginning, but in the end, they had to agree to the wishes of their strong headed girl.

She opened the burqa and pondered whether to wear it or not, then decided against it. This was a new day, her step into the new life that she was going to make and she wanted to ensure that she would change for the better, that she would be as she wanted to be. What if her name was Faiza, it did not mean that she had to hide behind a burqa, she followed only what she wanted to – not out of disrespect to her religion, but out of that innate streak of rebellion in her that told her she would live her life on her terms and would let no one else dominate or rule over her.

She reached for the keys of her scooty and walked out of her home shouting a loud bye to her mother.


Leo and I are writing stories on the same themes for the UBC this July.

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