Dear Mother



Dear Mother,

I am fed up of this. I know you got me married to Jeet because he is rich and settled well in life. For this long I have endured their tuants in silence, as long as it is verbal, I can tak e it. But yesterday his mother burned my hand and when I showed it to Jeet, he hit me with his belt and threatened to kill me if I spoke anything against him. He says you insulted him by giving him a Scorpio and not a Volkswagen. From the day 1 of this wretched married life I have suffered, I do not have it in me to take it any more mother.
I am sorry, but I wanted to tell you these things before these people kill me and call it suicide like they did it with my elder sister in law. I am afraid to live in this house mother. Every step I take is taunted, I am treated worse than a slave here. I wanted to hide all this from you and pretend to have a normal life for your sake, but I don’t have a life anymore mother. You said everything would be alright when a child will come, but he will never have a child with me as long as that Suparna is there in his life.
I don’t want to die at his hands today, because that is what he will do when I show him the marks where his mother burned me with hot coals from the chulha. He filled my life with shame, I don’t want to die in shame at the hands of these monsters mother. I am taking my life, before he comes home. I don’t want to see these monsters’ face any more, I know dad will not like it if I come home. He said he would die rather than have his married daughter come and stay in his house.

Goodbye Mother. Please tell Father that I am sorry.




Leo and I are writing about the various social evils prevalent in our society. Today, we write about Dowry.
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11 thoughts on “Dear Mother”

  1. Oh, that was heartbreaking.. Imagine your home is suppose to be the safe zone in life… My heart goes out to women living in prisons like this… So sad .. Beautifully portrait-ed by you…
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  2. Tragic story but it is a reality for so many in our country. Wish things would change, they are but very slowly. Beautifully written story.

  3. Even though it is a story, remedy is not to kill herself, but to fight against the evil! And I feel no dad will be against his married daughter coming back home and staying with him!

  4. Which father will be unhappy when his dear daughter is running for her life? She can surely return to her parents.


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