A Surprise Gift

  It was a gift, not earned, but a surprise. It had come out of the blue, when she turned to look behind to see who had called her. A sharp pain, lots of blood and a hospital visit later, she realized she had been given a gift that would last her a lifetime – … Read more

Her Favourite

  Innocent friendship, incessant chatter, constant laughter – that had always been the way they were. Years went by, times changed, people changed; but not their bond. Of all the gifts, this pebble from one of his swimming expeditions was her favourite. She’d preserved it for so many years, it reminded her of them.   … Read more

The Biggest Gift

  Seven years. That is how long she had been waiting for this day to arrive. Each of those days all those years, she had been praying and expecting and dreaming…. of getting the biggest gift in life. And today her prayers had been answered. She had got it. The biggest gift of life…. her … Read more

The Bottle

  She had screamed and hollered at her mom. She had said a lot of not so nice things. She had thought this bottle would make her feel good and that it would state to the world that she was to make her life decisions henceforth. But nothing happened. This stupid bottle of black nail … Read more

Finally the Tattoo

  She had been wanting to get a tattoo done for many years now, but she was certain she wanted something that would mean something highly to her. Her journey, her evolution and the state she was in now, she had finally understood that only one thing could depict that perfectly. A bright blue morpho … Read more

The Escape Route

The day that turned my life, I remember playing with my cousins and friends in the courtyard of our house, being happy and being the ten year old that I was. There were a lot of activities happening at home, a feast was being prepared and there was the inviting smell of the sweetmeats from … Read more

My Little Friend

  It was odd. A child of his age should have been in class. Here he was, ambling along the roads and wasting his time as if he had nothing else to do. Seeing me, a sheepish grin came on his face. I noticed that it was greasy, the clothes he was wearing were shabby, … Read more

Dear Mother

    Dear Mother, I am fed up of this. I know you got me married to Jeet because he is rich and settled well in life. For this long I have endured their tuants in silence, as long as it is verbal, I can tak e it. But yesterday his mother burned my hand … Read more

The Soup

  Rishabh and Javed walked into the bank together. It was their first day at their first job. Both the friends were looking forward to having a good day and had reached office well in time. They had met in Mysore in the bank’s training college and had become fast friends. Finally when the posting … Read more

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