Deluge of Memories

Rummaging through old papers and notebooks, my glance fell on something that I had penned ages ago! It brought back a deluge of memories. I had acquired two degrees since then, changed my residence, changed jobs! Wow! It seemed like so long ago that I wrote this poem, that too in Hindi!

नारी हूँ पर अबला नहीं

बेबस नहीं लाचार नहीं

सती बाल विवाह सब तोड़कर मैं

आगे बढ़ती नारी हूँ

आज के युग की नारी हूँ मैं

मुझसे ना टक्कर लेना तुम

आता है मुझे तो लड़ना

अपने अधिकारों के लिये

क्रुध हूँ तो दुर्गा हूँ मैं

प्रसन्न हूँ तो लक्ष्मी बनूँ मैं

सोचकर भिड़ना मुझसे

तुम कहीं कोई अनर्थ ना हो जाये

बेटी बीवी माँ हूँ मैं

परिवार संजोगकर रखती हूँ

जीवन में लाती हूँ उमंग

उजाला, आशा की किरण हूँ मैं

आग में डालो सोना तो,

पाओगे पवित्र सोने को

प्रतिकूल अवस्था में टिके जो,

वो नारी दिल ही होता है

I wonder, if someone asked me to pen a poem on the same theme now, what would I write. Why would I write differently, because I am sure I would not write something along the same lines anymore. Has life changed me so much, that I no longer am the person I used to be 10 years ago? Do I regret my journey? Of course not; but I do miss those young and carefree days before life happened to me. It was another life entirely, but this life I love. I am more responsible and have fun, neither has age nor marital status changed my thoughts or way of life, but this has been a wonderful journey, one that I have immensely enjoyed.

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