Book Review – Just Kidding… Yours Destiny

Meet Kunal Roy – a high flying corporate man, Head of Sales in the real estate company HomeMakers. He has a life every one dreams of – a lavish own flat in Mumbai, an eye-popping salary and a Mercedes Benz to flaunt. Just when Kunal thinks that life is moving smoothly, destiny plays its prank. Homemakers is taken over by a bigger firm and his new boss is hell bent on making his life miserable by throwing in new challenges. He meets Shristi and gradually falls for her. But, there are problems there are as well. Kunal is a divorce and is 10 years elder to Shristi. Will Shristi’s parent consent to such a match? How will Kunal manage the challenges in the office? How will life unfold for Kunal and how destiny will play a role? These are the things to discover in the novel.

The story, as the blurb says is engaging and unique and it flows through easily. Das writes about the life of a workaholic Kunal Roy. How destiny fools around with Kunal forms the essence of this story. Romance and office fun also finds a place in the book and the story goes back and forth in time but without confusing the reader. The story seems heavily influenced by Bollywood movies and there are many references to Hindi movies throughout the book. Leaving apart the opening incidents that might make it slightly filmy, there is nothing heroic about Kunal Roy. He could very well be the person working in your office.
The unique thing I found is the presence of footnotes in almost all the pages. They make for an interesting read. The writing style is engaging and the language is simple and easy to understand.
The next edition could do well by eliminating a few typos that have crept in here and there in the book.
On the whole, ‘Just Kidding… Yours Destiny’ by Anirban Das is a light breezy read that would keep you good company through a long journey.

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