The July Plan!

Impulsive is not a word most people would not associate with me, but then when it comes to those things that are very close to my heart, like rains, an ice cream, good food, writing and my family and friends, I jump even before I can think 🙂 As Leo, Swaarasa and I had a … Read more

Deluge of Memories

Has life changed me so much, that I no longer am the person I used to be 10 years ago? Do I regret my journey?

Sick, MIA and Back Finally!

Ishithaa to you might just be one of the many websites you go to, to while away your time and to read something when you are bored. Or it is also possible that you are one of those bloggers who regularly visit blogs in your list and read them religiously. But it is during these … Read more

Book Review – Just Kidding… Yours Destiny

Meet Kunal Roy – a high flying corporate man, Head of Sales in the real estate company HomeMakers. He has a life every one dreams of – a lavish own flat in Mumbai, an eye-popping salary and a Mercedes Benz to flaunt. Just when Kunal thinks that life is moving smoothly, destiny plays its prank. … Read more

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