The Missing Link

He knew what he had to do, yet there was something that was obstructing his path… Something very close to him but something he couldn’t point his finger to.
What hurt him the most was that the inputs from his side were perfect, the figures competitive… probably no other company could carry out the operations at the price he had quoted; the thorough research that he had done over the past five months were enough to guarantee him that.
Still there was something amiss. He couldn’t identify the missing link, the link in his team that had leaked out the numbers to their competitor Mishra. The Mishra was responsible for his plight today. His head was reeling. The company had just lost the bids for a very important tender and hr couldn’t ignore the feeling that it would probably put his career at stake.
Not in a position to face the consequences, he decided to do what he was best at…to ruminate in his comfort zone and to puzzle things out. Ignoring his feeling to leave a letter for his boss and take a break while promising that he would find out the kink in their armour, he told his secretary that he was going out for a meeting and that he wouldn’t be available till the next morning.
He was indeed going for a meeting, but a personal one. Stepping out of the elevator on the 6th floor, he rang the bell and waited for his favourite person to open the door.
When she didn’t open the door even after a couple of minutes, he put in his key and opened the door, it was after all the apartment he shared with the love of his life.
She was a strange girl. Unlike the other girls he had dated, she didn’t pressurize him to marry her. For the past 6 months they had been living in together and it had been her idea in the first place. She was a headstrong career oriented dominating woman and he kind of enjoyed being bossed around by her.
He realized that she was not at home and to take a bath and freshen up he went in to the bedroom. He found it strange that she had not taken her laptop and that she had left it on. It was then that he heard a faint ping, like someone was messaging her.
The message read, ‘Congrats the numbers you gave were perfect. We won the contract.
Ping me when you’re free. xoxo Mishra’
His world came to a standstill, he felt betrayed and felt like his world was crashing in on him. It finally dawned upon him that she had been deftly wearing a mask around him all these months.

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  1. Betrayal and that too by someone in whom you have faith, someone close to you is indeed shocking. But then there are things we learn the hard way. Well written Bhavya.
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