A Distant Dream


Never before have I wanted to be with anyone as much as I want to be with you right now. Each moment I spend away from you is like a painful needle that repeatedly pokes, creating a wound that causes my soul to ooze out. No matter what I do, this pain never ceases, the yearning increases every time I try to tell myself that you are not my present, that I have no place in your present and that you are someone else’s now. You are nothing but a distant dream to me that I wish I could forget.

photo credit: torpore via photopin cc

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10 thoughts on “A Distant Dream”

  1. Some people have the power to forget someone..& they did not think about the old ones and they go on with their life.. this is one of the blessings….
    but, the people who didn’t have these blessings are so sad ones…. 🙁


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