The Agony Aunt’s Agony


All she wanted was someone to listen to her. From the attitude of her friends, it was obvious that she was the only agony aunt around and that there would be none willing to shoulder her emotional baggage and that she would have to deal with it no matter what. The diary was filled with positive things she had written down over the last few months and though she had the urge to, she held herself back and stopped herself from writing anything negative in the diary… no matter how sad she was today, she knew she would get back her positivity and she didn’t want to come back to her diary and read sad pages.

She had to do what she was best at, write. But she had to do it anonymously and so she went ahead and did it.

Open Google Chrome. Ctrl+Shift+N and then WordPress.

She did something that she had not even imagined she would do. The moment was a happy one for her, even if she was utterly sad and heart broken.

Her blog was born….. a place to call her own, somewhere she could pour her heart out without the fear of being judged by the people around her….as long as she could write without revealing her identity.

Today, three years down the lane, she was thankful that on that fateful day, there was nobody to listen to her. Had there been someone, she might never have started blogging.


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10 thoughts on “The Agony Aunt’s Agony”

  1. You know I mean this when I say it. I am so GLAD that you started writing. Let the creative muse out and showed us what a sprightly dance she did on these pages. You keep writing, you. So I can keep reading!
    Shailaja V’s latest…A ‘trashy’ taleMy Profile

  2. yeah.. that’s true.. I too started the blog in the same way, though I don’t remember being an agony aunt… I believe in the quote, “everything happens for a reason unknown”…
    Archana’s latest…InnocenceMy Profile


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