The I’s

“I am the one who gives the orders around here. Who are you to ask me?”

“Huh! No way. I make this house a home, how dare you talk like I am of no value?”

“All you do is sit at home all day and watch these stupid daily soaps. You are becoming more and more like them day by day. How dare you look at me like that. Lower your eyes woman and don’t make me lose my temper.”

“What if I do? There is nothing you can do that you haven’t done yet. Your threats won’t work against me. I know what to do!”

“Will you go to the police? Are you threatening your husband that you will file a case against me? Stupid woman, you can’t touch one hair on my body.”

“Dadaaa, mummaaa” came a tiny voice from behind the curtains, “what about me? Am I not important?”


The story for today is based on the letter I where Leo and I have chosen to write stories around the word I.


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18 thoughts on “The I’s

  1. I enjoyed reading your F, G, H, I posts today! (I’d read the earlier ones a few days back.)

    You bring out profound thoughts very effectively! I particularly liked ‘Pangs of Hunger’. I’ve read many stories like ‘The I’s’, but your treatment of the theme is the best: really strong, especially in a short story.
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  2. Yes, in between the fights we often the little one and they have very curious minds that understand what’s going on faster than we think

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