Being An Orphan


He had been sick of being taunted so all his childhood. Was it his fault that his parents died soon after he was born? Was it his fault that the uncle who was supposed to look after him, dumped him in an orphanage? At least, he did do a favour by putting him in an orphanage rather than turning him out onto the street. They schooled him well and have him a decent education for which he would be eternally grateful.

It was with much difficulty that he protected his young mind from getting hurt whenever he saw his classmates with their parents, being pampered and loved. Even when he saw someone being scolded for being naughty, he yearned to be scolded too. He longed for a mother who would feed him, he longed for a father who would scold him, he longed for a sister who would care for him, he longed for a brother with whom he could be naughty and bring the roof down. He longed for a room which he did not have to share with a dozen other children, he longed for a roof he could live under and call his home.

Today he had everything, he was rich, he had people who could cook for him, who would drive him to his office and people who would do anything because he wanted it, he had enough money to buy anything he set his heart on. Yet, there was this one thing. One little dream that was not being fulfilled because of certain protocols and rules and regulations. Was there nothing he could do to fulfill that dream of his? To adopt that little boy he met at the orphanage to ensure that at least he would not be taunted all his life, for being an orphan. At least then, they would both have someone who would mean the world to them. It was difficult. Being an orphan.

The story for today is based on the letter O where Leo and I have chosen to write stories around the word Orphan.
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10 thoughts on “Being An Orphan”

  1. Yes. It most certainly would be difficult to be an orphan 🙁 His thoughts are kind. And I hope there are more like him. Whereas he had a difficult childhood, he thinks nobly of saving another child from having the same fate.

  2. Appreciate your thought, Bhavya. Loved the way you wove the protagonist’s feelings, and his decision to take care of another child is a precious one for him, and for the child 🙂

  3. A very touching tale, Bhavya. I especially liked the bit where he yearns to be scolded. How true. Sigh…this one had me tearing up…

  4. Nice flash fiction. It tells all about a person, lifestyle, thoughts, dreams, motivations, in just a snapshot. I think it highlights one of humanity’s most basic struggles as well: the fight to deny one’s self and live for others. Keep up the good work.
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