The Game


The house on the corner of the street was little Angel’s favourite place. She loved playing hopscotch on the porch, hide-and-seek and skip rope with her friend Devika. The girlie games they played together thrilled her heart immensely and she always looked forward to spending more and more time with Devika. Her house was huuuge and there were only two other people living in it – her parents, and they always used to be away at work so that they pretty much had the entire home to themselves.

Though they were small and were still in primary school, their parents treated them like grown-ups and trusted them enough to let them be their own masters after school, till the parents came back from work.

One day it so happened that when little Angel came looking for Devika to play their favourite game of hopscotch, she saw a strange looking man sitting on the porch and reading a newspaper. She went up to him, wrinkled her nose and pulled down the newspaper he was reading and demanded, “Who are you? What are you doing here? Where is Devika? Where did you take her? Who asked you to sit here?”

“Whoa! Cutie pie. However could you manage so many questions in one breath? Sit down and then I will answer one by one.”

“Ok, so I am your friend Devika’s daddy and this is my house, so I don’t have to take anyone’s permission to sit here. About Devika, she had a tooth-ache and so her mummy has taken her to the doctor. Anything else?”

“Ummmm… oh….so she will get injection?” asked a pair of horror struck eyes.

“No dear, most probably she will get some medicines and then both mummy and daughter will come home. Tell me, what do you want to do? Let’s play a game shall we?”

“Ayye! How will you play hopscotch with this” she poked a tiny finger into his pot-belly and asked sweetly.

“Let’s play a new game. I will teach you how to play. Listen carefully and be a good girl.”

He went in and came out with a rectangular box which had the letters S.C.R.A.B.B.L.E written on it.  


The story for today is based on the letter G where Leo and I have chosen to write stories around the word Game.

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  1. Hey Nice post, I liked your narration.
    The last line surprised me 🙂
    I write articles on child abuse so my mind was thinking this post is gonna end badly, but thanks for proving me wrong !
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