The Father


The sun dawned like any other day, shining bright and in full glory. The Gupta family was excited beyond words, their daughter in law had just given them the good news they had been awaiting for a long time. After years of medical treatments and some divine interventions, Rakhi was pregnant.

Like a scene out of a bollywood movie, she had fainted while in the kitchen, her mother in law called for a doctor who after getting a couple of tests done on her confirmed the good news. Since Raghu had already left for work and had an important meeting scheduled for the day, he was contacted over phone. He had been ecstatic when he heard the news and showered Rakhi with words of endearments. She had asked him to come home then and there, but Raghu somehow managed to convince Rakhi that his meeting was important and could not be skipped for any reason. Reluctantly she agreed and told him that she loved him before disconnecting the call. She spoke to her baby, wondering if it could understand what she was saying, that his father would soon be coming home to meet and be with him. She was so sure that it was going to be a boy, intelligent and kind like Raghu.

The memory was etched fresh in her mind, like it was just yesterday. The calender but said that it had been three years now. Rakhi and little Ansh would soon go visit his father at Ground Zero.

Written for the #AtoZChallenge where throughout the 26 days of April (excluding the 4 Sundays), bloggers world-wide are writing based on the 26 letters of the English alphabet.

The story for today is based on the letter Z where Leo and I have chosen to write stories around the word Zero.


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