Breaking Silence


The silence in the room was deafening. It was almost like her heart was beating inside her throat, she even doubted for a while that the people sitting across her in the room could hear her heartbeat. She thought she could hear the blood course through her veins, the walls whispering to each other, seemingly aware of her dark secret she was hiding within herself. As if being judged by the others based on her appearance, or out of the fear that her face would give away her secret, she corrected her posture and wiping the sweat off her brow, sat up straight.

Waiting for her turn, she thought about her past and how she had tried to be silent and deal with the problem by herself. There had been a point when she felt like she was in control and that she was finally free of the darkness that had haunted her for so long. One day something inside her snapped. In one moment the ghost was out of the cupboard and began torturing her again. She knew what she did was wrong, it was even against her own principles; she also knew she could stop herself if she wanted, but somehow in that moment she was overcome by the ghost and she did not tru to stop herself.

That was perhaps the moment she realized she needed to end her silence, that she needed to face her demons and to do something for which she would be thankful to herself eternally.

The token in her hand bore her favourite number, 13. Many considered it unlucky and as an ill omen, her friends would even taunt her when they came to know she liked the number 13. She liked it even then.

The next turn to go in the cabin was hers. Till now she had not thought what she would tell him, how would she own up to all that she had done till now.

‘Number 13’, the nurse called out.

Before she had enough time to run away, she walked into the doctor’s cabin and broke her silence, “I am kleptomanic! Please help me doctor”

The story for today is based on the letter S where Leo and I have chosen to write stories around the word Silence.


photo credit: sarahgb(theoriginal) via photopincc

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3 thoughts on “Breaking Silence”

  1. It takes a lot of strength and courage to admit to a psychological disorder, and to visit a psychologist/psychiatrist for treatment. This is because, in our country (I’m not sure about other parts of the world), there is a huge stigma associated with mental health issues.
    We must remove this stigma. We need to understand that a psychiatrist treats the brain just as a cardiologist treats the heart, etc. The brain is just another organ of the body.
    We don’t look down on diabetics or heart patients. Why should we look down on ‘brain patients’ (persons having mental health issues)?
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