The letters still came, even after she changed her address. Twice. She could never understand who was so desperate to stay in touch with her that they kept writing letters. One each every month and like the interest got accumulated in her bank account on the 10th of every month, the letter too came on the 10th day of every month.
Thinking back, she could not remember one such month when the letter had not come. And on her birthday, there would be a nice greeting card with flowers printed on it and inside, there would just be one line ‘May all your wishes come true’ and it would be signed, ‘Forever yours, Me’.
From the handwriting she always felt the letters were written by an artist, it always seemed like the loops and the descenders had their own story to tell. Though she was clueless about the origin of the letters, she was never spooked about them or never felt them as a threat to her. She found an odd sense of comfort and always felt like there was someone in the world who cared about her no matter what all she did in her life.
Things seemed out of the ordinary when the 10th of August passed without any letter from the person. It was then that the itch arose in her, an itch that would not give her peace of mind until she found out the address of the person who had been sending her these letters for the past 23 years.
April 1 is based on the letter A where my friend and I have chosen to write stories about the word Address.
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47 thoughts on “Address”

  1. Great 1st post for the A to Z Challenge. I’m with Kajal, the idea of not knowing who sent the letters would have drove me crazy, too!
    Coming back tomorrow to read your post for the letter B. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Someone sending letters for 23 years is kind of spooky too but one can’t help be curious too. I am waiting to know more about this sender in your next post, loved reading it.

  3. Yay, a fictionist! This got me really interested. I’m curious if you’re writing the whole story based on the A to Z letter…?

    And where is the WordPress LIKE button???????

  4. What a lovely, mysterious tale. You have me torn between deciding to know the identity of the person and staying in the joy of mystery ๐Ÿ™‚

    Lovely, glorious start to the challenge. Hugs ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Hmmm . You made me very curious now… hope she finds out who that mysterious person was… Very captivating story – and a smashing start of the challenge:-) Well done:-)
    Eli’s latest…A for AcropolisMy Profile

  6. sometimes when a routine breaks, then we realize it has become an important part of our lives. The routine of 23 years was when broken, she pushed herself to find the address… I am curious about next like everyone here!
    Elixired’s latest…AzureMy Profile

  7. Dear Bhavs,

    I am so out of reading and writing that I am in lack of appropriate words to appreciate you. Needless to say the 1st post of the challenge is highly intriguing.

  8. From 23 years letters. I wud hav gone hunting / her in the first year ๐Ÿ˜›
    good start
    good luck for your a to z


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