The Modern Woman

She’s the woman of today. She makes the choices in her life. She could be a working woman, a stay at home mom/wife, a lady who works from home. She could be you, your BFF or even your mother. She’s the one who belongs to the 21st century. Looking at her, you would be surprised why ‘bharatiya naari’ was ever said to be an ‘abala’.

Clad in a saree sporting a bindi that makes a statement or wearing a jeans and a tee that declares her freedom to choose her attire, she’s everywhere. Maybe one of them is reading me right now.

Ladies, let’s be honest to ourselves and think what we have achieved over the years and what we have given up to attain all this.

We were known for the respect that we show our elders and the manner in which we behave in a society. We used to happily share our seat and give it up for our teacher or mother and definitely for someone who was aged and weak. Today, sadly we see the youngsters fighting for a seat and pushing and shoving the old folk so as to grab a seat in the bus/train.

How many women have we seen behaving rudely to their co-passenger in the train, the person with whom we are sharing a seat?

How many times have you been at the receiving end of an unfair treatment – not at the hands of the men whom we fondly refer to as perverts, but these women who call themselves modern and whatnot?

We were known for the patience we had and for our resilience. Remember the last time when you got into a crowded bus and your bag brushed against another one of these modern women’s arms? Remember the fuss that was made?

Is this what we have struggled to achieve? Would we now require another revolution to liberate us from our own pathetic mindset and to cure us of our behavioural/attitudinal problems?

There’s so much more that I can write about this, but I choose not to dwell too long on sad and depressing thoughts.

Give it a serious thought and leave me your points. These are just some random thoughts that came to me while another one of those daily train journeys that I love so much.

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10 thoughts on “The Modern Woman”

  1. That’s true. Have seen a lot of rude and totally uncalled for behaviour and snide remarks made my women to fellow women co-passengers and else where too. And some can be really mean!
    Yes, considering that we are ‘educated’, aware and conscious, we expect more solidarity among women, but sadly that is missing.
    Of course, it is a generalization as we do see good modern women too! 🙂

  2. Tell me about it! I have faced this while traveling in trains here in Mumbai and I know how much it can get on our nerves. Its a shame that some people just have no sensitivity left at all. Sad, indeed.
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  3. As the saying …. Everything Excess in Life is Poison. Even freedom…. or the excess feminist thoughts … or maybe that we’re educated and earning well even before out of college goes into the head of these so called Modern women. Guess the only thing that can be done is change ourselves… and in a way it can change the people around us…
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  4. I still don’t understand the word “modern”‘by wearing jeans or some hi fi clothes or talking in English is modern,I don’t believe in that.if you are modern n good at Heart,respect others,care for them then I can say you are moder .A good human being is modern if he respects his mother ,sister,wife n elders

  5. Agree very much.Eariler days there was a good relation between education and culture.These days an educated person doesnt necessarily be cultured. Women are losing their humility and modesty.Sure we are drifting away from our culture which others used to envy. There surely is a darker side to the excess of freedom.More money, more education, more freedom but still are they happy than the earlier gen? Lot more to change


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