She Inspires

She never utters untruth

She never speaks ill

She never pretends

She never loses her patience

She is forgiving

Nobody cooks better than her

Her wisdom is profound

Her strength is immense

Her love is boundless

Her touch is healing

Her words are comforting

She feeds others before herself

She still learns

She teaches


To become a better human being


(This is neither prose nor poetry for I could never do justice to my lovely granny by writing a piece for her. I have seen and heard of all the struggles she’s been through and how she has raised my mother & uncle perfectly, she has been and always will be the kind of person I want to be.)

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12 thoughts on “She Inspires”

  1. I share the same relation with my Ammamma, and at my home too, it is the case of ammamma single handedly raising my mom and uncle. I can easily identify with this , Bhavya.
    Beautifully written 🙂 Loved it !
    Sreeja Praveen’s latest…AMHA !!My Profile


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