Sand Between My Toes




Back in office after a long weekend (4 days to be precise) it feels like you’re being pulled in different directions by different things you love. I love my job, but I love my family more. I love having hectic schedules because I work best when under pressure, but I also love a slow start that too after such a long lazy break.



People crowding around you to hear all your adventures and see the pics, telling that you have got a tan and that you look tired – makes you feel that the time you spent roaming in the beaches of Goa in the hot sun was worth it all and it does take away your mind from thinking about all the pending work that has piled up on the desk.


Even when you step on the tiles at home your feet anticipate the tingly sensation that comes from stubbing your toes into the soft sand on the seashore anxiously awaiting the next wave that would hit you and splash water all over you. You might have understood by now how much I love the beach! If the beach is my first love, the rains are my second.

Sigh! I already miss being at the beach!




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  1. I love the beach!! I used to go all the time when I was younger. It is about an hour or so drive to the shores of Lake Michigan. The days of me in a bikini are behind me. Hello after childbirth body! It is one piece all the way now! I need to go this summer. It looks so much fun! ♥ Your pictures are gorgeous!
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