New House Old House

They were all set to move into their new apartment, with the boxes sealed and the bags packed.  There was nothing wrong with the house as such, lovely neighbours; perfect ambience for children and very ideally located in the city close to all the amenities a normal family of three would require.

Trouble started brewing when their three year old daughter began to ‘see’ things. Initially dismissing them as her imaginary friends paying her a visit, the parents consoled her telling that there was nothing to be afraid of what dada and moma couldn’t see. It was then that they realized the impact of their words. Such things started happening in the house that could no longer be called co-incidences and the fear of what was unseen began keeping them awake at night.

Even the famous astrologer from Palakkad who was consulted to find a way out couldn’t do much to let them keep their home and confirmed that they had to get rid of the property or would have to face the consequences; such was the strength of the black magic that was done by some jealous relatives.

They would be free of this evil magic once they changed their residences. At least they hoped it would.


(This fiction in 9 lines is written for the WriteTribe Festival of Words 3.) 

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