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Love’s Labor by Andy Paula

The Blurb

Piali Roy has run away from home and the two stubborn men who love her. One is her beloved Baba; a rigid traditionalist, he refuses to accept anyone from outside her caste and community. And then there is Sathya, the unsuitable outsider. He loves her truly, madly, deeply and has even called off his marriage for her sake. Neither man will budge, and the small town of Jampot, where everyone knows everything, is not big enough for the two of them.

Away from their unreasonable demands, Piali strives to find peace in the mountains. But within six months, her lover tracks her down. Once again, she betrays the one by trusting the other.

Will her labor in the name of love be in vain, or will love transcend all differences?

My Review 

Sitting down in my favourite bean bag and a huge mug of coffee, I began reading Andy Paula’s Love’s Labor. Never knew when my coffee mug became empty and when I got so carried away with the story that I finished the entire novella in one sitting. Interesting and engrossing would describe the book aptly.

Piali is a headstrong and unconventional teacher who knows very well how to handle the 12th standard boys and to get them to be interested in the English classes that she handles. Her potential is rewarded with lots of opportunities wherein she is required to organize the centenary celebrations at the school she works in.

A phone call from Sathya, her love from the past comes like a bolt out of the blue and there begins the flashback as well as the story.

The characters portrayed in the book seem very real and could easily be you, me or our neighbor. The various ‘issues’ portrayed in the book are real and happening around us almost on a day to day basis and the author has very subtly incorporated that into her story – knowingly or unknowingly.

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Meet the Author


Andy Paula is a corporate trainer by profession and a writer by vocation. After the innumerable essays, poems, articles, editorials, congratulations & condolence letters she wrote for herself and others refused to satiate her writer’s Self, she finally put herself seriously to the task and wrote Love’s Labor,a romance novella that is now on Goodreads. 

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