AtoZ 2014 Theme Reveal


A friend in need might certainly be a friend indeed, but for me, that friend is greater and dearer who senses my need before I do and lurks in the background unseen but still caring, all ready to steady you if you falter your step. Blessed I am in more ways than one, especially when I take my friend circle into consideration. I know that I can bank upon them for anything and everything.

One afternoon when I was literally feeling low came a ping from thousands of kilometers away asking me how I was. The conversation that ensued changed a few things and my mood was just one of them.




Not taking too long and cutting straight to the point, thanks to a dear friend Leo, it has been decided that there would be stories all through the month of April and that we would keep prompting each other with words and alphabets.

There. I said it. Fiction and stories. I love them and possibly it could be my calling. Let’s see!

There is a Theme Reveal Blogfest happening over at Vidya’s blog. Go Check what the other bloggers are going to be writing about.



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  1. Hi Bhavya .. these stories will be fascinating to read .. I missed your blog postings last year .. so I hope to be around this year .. good luck and enjoy the A-Z .. cheers Hilary


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