Unsettled: A Search for Love and Meaning ~ Book Review



Divya who grew up hearing the tales of a hundred-room house rich in the tapestry of memories and hidden secrets, a dark, forbidding place, rumoured to be haunted by a vengeful Yakshi takes her husband to her ancestral village in rural Kerala in the hopes of saving their marriage which was on the rocks following the advice of a relationship expert.

Since it is a novella, it doesn’t consume much of your time and can be finished off in one sitting; but during that time the book takes you to the place where the story is set. You can literally see the odd-eyed cat that stares at you through the broken glass window.

For someone who knows how the stories of Yakshis who haunt old run down palaces go, the story could be quite predictable but then the way the story is told by a poetess makes all the difference. The language used is beautiful and it might require you to peep into your dictionary more than once. For someone like me, to able to string words together like that is magic; then again, Neelima is a poetess.

Neelima Vinod spent her childhood being schooled in the Persian Gulf and holidaying in the warm, dreamy climes of southern India. Writing about the supernatural is an inevitable outcome of contact with the heritage of the subcontinent. She has acquired her M.Phil. in English literature and worked as editor, teacher and writer. She now lives in Bangalore, India. Her current obsessions are her twin sons, the books on her shelf and off it, and her poetry blog. You can read her poetry at Neel The Muse


You can buy a copy of Unsettled: A Search for Love and Meaning on Amazon.

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Author: Bhavya

Writing to me is therapy, it frightens and comforts at the same time. Liberates like nothing else. A book in my own name is a dream, but a bigger dream would be to write something that haunts the reader even after the last page is turned and the book is shut. I enjoy reading and music, spending time with family whilst battling my social awkwardness.

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