Dilemma in Hundred Words


February seems to be whizzing past in full steam. It was the first yesterday, today is the tenth. The mind is continually in a state of turbulence, faced with many challenges and options, a few dead ends. Explaining is possible, but tough. Who knows if they will understand the emotions behind your words or just the words, if they will merely think or would feel your situation like you do! So many times it seems easier to just keep mum and do what you need to, instead of opening up and sharing and wasting both party’s’ precious time and energy.

Linking this to the Saturday prompt at WriteTribe: write a hundred words without thinking – just free your mind!

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10 thoughts on “Dilemma in Hundred Words”

  1. Sometimes it’s better to speak and unburden yourself. Others might be thinking the same thing and keeping their distance…lovely post

  2. I just wanted to say hello.

    I agree – this month is zipping rapidly past . . . what to do?
    I’m learning some new skills to entertain myself and trying to get brave enough to follow my dreams . . .

    Sending You Lots of Happy Wishes!


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