Highway ~ An Experience In Itself!

  Highway brings unconventional characters and an unconventional story line, told in a picturesque, totally Imtiaz Ali style. From the man who made Socha Na Tha, Jab We Met and Rockstar nothing less could be expected. The film is at places poetry in motion with absolutely delightful visuals satiating the senses. Rahman’s music creates magic … Read more

She Was Too Late

For days they had been practicing and he was getting better day by day. She now knew how long his steps were and how desperate he was to improve. Over the course of the week she could predict where he would plant his feet almost as if by instinct. Kahin tho hogi wo was playing … Read more

Thought Of The Day

Sudha walked up to the board and changed the ‘thought of the day’ on the blackboard….

A Look Back Post…

  When Aps decided to tag me in her look back post, I thought why not join in and share the fun!  Facebook decided to go over the top and give us gifts on the occasion of its 10th birthday. They came up with a 62 sec video presentation of each person’s life over the … Read more

Dilemma in Hundred Words

  February seems to be whizzing past in full steam. It was the first yesterday, today is the tenth. The mind is continually in a state of turbulence, faced with many challenges and options, a few dead ends. Explaining is possible, but tough. Who knows if they will understand the emotions behind your words or … Read more

Unsettled: A Search for Love and Meaning ~ Book Review

Divya who grew up hearing the tales of a hundred-room house rich in the tapestry of memories and hidden secrets, a dark, forbidding place, rumoured to be haunted by a vengeful Yakshi takes her husband to her ancestral village in rural Kerala in the hopes of saving their marriage which was on the rocks following the advice of a relationship expert.

How Do I Tell Her About You

How do I tell her about you?

My Earliest Memory

  Did you read Meena’s post on her earliest memory? Being the notoriously impish person she is, she surely would have interestingly spicy tales to share with us. When we (we as in a group of blogger friends) were discussing about sharing our earliest memory on our blogs, I assumed I could whip up posts … Read more

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