Little Did She Know!

She was fed up with him; always irritating her and taunting and teasing her for anything and everything she did. She tried very hard not to dislike him and always maintained her cool around him even when he got on her nerves.
Little did she know that he was covering up his true feelings for her.

Draped in his favourite blue sari and dazzling in the ornaments he had gifted her, Anita waited anxiously for her husband to come home and surprise her like he did every year on their wedding anniversary.
Little did she know that this year, his body would be reaching home respectfully covered by the national flag.

These pieces of 55 fiction have been written for WriteTribe.


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Author: Ishithaa

She's the one who grew up a bit too soon, the child in her refusing to grow up. She's the paradox you will love to unravel, yet the truth in her eyes continue to disturb the web of your thoughts.

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  1. I loved both 55 fiction…. both touched in their own way….I read your contribution in the Write Tribe anthology, loved it… really the way you had written from the heart…loved the emotions, the sentiments…
    Pratikshya Mishra’s latest…The Mirror GirlMy Profile

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