Going Back

The arrival of the train kind of matched with the beginning of the torrential rains. Rains are nothing new in this paper of the world, but it is the timing that caused her to wonder. Like the storm that struck in her life fifteen years back and led to her being uprooted from her home town, today the rains were continuous and heavy without thunder and lightning…exactly the way she liked…maybe this was Nature’s way of apologizing for her fury fifteen years back. It had taken her a long long time to finally fall in love with the rains again and that too was partially the reason she was reaching out to the city she once left for good. The other reason was one she held very private and not many people knew about. She came seeking closure. She knew the questions she had could not be answered by anyone; yet she came. She had to. For him.

The unexpected rains took the city by surprise and it seemed to definitely have interfered with the normal life of the people here. Seven minutes ticked by before she could hail a rickshaw that would take her to the bungalow where she had lived her childhood.

The giant mango tree beneath which they played hide and seek, sat in whose branches for hours reading the numerous Amar Chitra Kathas their grandpa bought them, eating the hot pakoras their grandma made, Latha and Suresh had spent their childhood together and were inseparable. Nobody saw either of them alone without the other in tow. Her train of thoughts was interrupted by the rickshaw jumping in and out of the numerous potholes along the road to the palatial naalukettu that once was her home. Her home where she spent her childhood and where she met Suresh for the first time.

Time flew by and from friends they became best of friends. At the dawn of their youth, by the time they realised they were in love but sadly before they could soak up the warmth of the feeling called love, Nature unleashed her fury and took Suresh away as if he belonged to her; as if she was snatching away what was rightfully hers and never Latha’s.

The news of her Suresh leaving her alone was one of the biggest blows life had given her. It took her a while to come to terms with her loss and through the struggle many a times she had come close to deciding that enough was enough and that she would call it quits. But she knew what Suresh would have wanted and that’s what kept her moving.

Now she felt ready – to visit and relive those old places without the fear of the old wounds being reopened. To finally bid good bye to the pain associated to her adolescent love and to move on and lead a happy life.

(This post was originally published on my dear friend Sheethal’s blog.)

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