Little Did She Know!

She was fed up with him; always irritating her and taunting and teasing her for anything and everything she did. She tried very hard not to dislike him and always maintained her cool around him even when he got on her nerves. Little did she know that he was covering up his true feelings for … Read more

Zohrain’s Shoe

she saw his shoe. One of the shoes belonging to that blue pair he loved so much.

Book Review – The Guardian Angels

Destiny is a word that’s very close to my heart and when I read on the blurb of Rohit Gore’s The Guardian Angels I simply couldn’t miss the opportunity of reading this book. Though the plot sounded very Bollywood inspired, I still decided to go with it. When he and she belong to two different … Read more

The Dancing Lights

At odd times of the night, when night would blanket the buildings, the whole neighborhood would go to sleep, leaving nothing but the streetlights on; the lights from that particular window of the apartment would begin their dance as if calling out to the stars

Going Back

Today the rains were continuous and heavy without thunder and lightning…exactly the way she liked…maybe this was Nature’s way of apologizing for her fury fifteen years back

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