The Journey

This was one of the hardest journeys she would undertake, she knew it beforehand. Not because of her age or because of the distance that had to be travelled. She had set in her mind that she needed answers and that she would go to any lengths to get them. There were umpteen questions in her mind that she could not answer properly for more than 10 painfully slow years of her life.

When the big banyan tree in the wasteland behind her school was not as big as it is today, a girl and a boy used to meet regularly. They chitchatted and played games, studied and did their homework and went back home together. They discussed war and poetry, books and sports while the tree kept them safe from the sun. One stormy evening when the rain was pouring hard on the young pair, they took shelter under the same tree and amidst the lightning that shook the earth, they shared their first kiss that shook their bodies and souls and united them beyond seperation.

Years later, the boy had to leave in search of greener pastures in life, while the girl was sobbing uncontrollably he promised to return to her and asked her to wait for him under the same tree 12 months from then. He had won her heart by telling her that no matter how much ever he travelled in life, she was his ultimate destination, that his home was where she was.

Exactly on the date he promised and confirmed in many of his letters, she came back to the tree. With each passing day the pain in her heart grew yet there was no sign of him. With a heavy heart she returned home, never to go back again.

Why were those promises made if he had no intentions of keeping them was something that boggled her mind and broke her heart and had kept her awake during the nights. She had decided to find out for herself and packed her bags.

By the end of this journey, she would have her answers…..

(I am taking part in the WroteTribe Festival of Words and the theme for today is Travel.)

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