Radha’s Lament

Radha could never understand why Rohan behaved weird whenever they had guests at home. He would have to be dragged out from his room by his dad and he would still try to escape back into his room and while away time doodling in his notebooks. The same thing would happen when she tried to take him to meet her colleagues’ children and get Rohan to be friendly with them. He would begin sweating and his hands would go cold. His pain pained her more.

She could not understand the change that came over her little boy ever since she rejoined her office after a long sabbatical. She had ensured that he was never left alone or uncared for in her absence. After the school bus dropped him back into the apartment complex Mr.Shastri would take him in and look over while he did his homework after having the refreshments she’d leave with him before leaving for office. Mr. Shastri was a sweet old man who retired early from an illustrious career as an educator. He was very helpful when they moved into the new home and always made time out to play with Rohan. Rohan had also taken a liking towards him and looked forward to the evening cycle rides with him.

After a weekend when both his parents had to be out of town, Mr. Shastri was kind enough to take him in and take care of him till they came back. Radha began to notice changes in Rohan’s personality soon after that. He became increasingly silent and withdrawn. It seemed like he didn’t want to go out of the house. Even his favourite place, his school was no more a place he looked forward to. It seemed like people scared him.

It pained Radha because she was at a loss for she was clueless about what was happening to her child. She tried many ways to get him to interact with people and make him mingle some more in the society, but all in vain. If only she could help him in some way; lamented Radha.

(I’m taking part in WriteTribe Festival of Words and today’s theme is ‘People’. )

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