In those moments when various thoughts compete to take the centre stage in my head, I find myself increasingly drawn towards your thoughts. The heart finds solace in those moments which I should no longer preserve in my system.

Umpteen times have I told my better half that I love her, but not one time could I say it with the conviction and passion the words had when I uttered them to you. The eyes that shone from within have lost some of its lustre maybe because she can see through me, because she realizes that her husband is not hers entirely.

Nothing fills my stomach like the sandwiches we shared waiting for our buses, nothing makes me smile other than the memory of your smile when you would catch me doing something silly. Memories of you and me feed my soul and keep me alive.

Time, like grains of sand have slipped by me and today I regret those choices I made that distanced myself from you. If going back was an option I would gladly do so. Memories are the only thing that I have, in addition to a wife at home who prays for my happiness. Does she know that you are my happiness???

(Written for Day 1 @ WriteTribe Festival Of Words 2)

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