Captive’s Agony

Hope dies
The moment you realise
The body restricts
External appearance
Is all that matters
To this world
Restrictions you’ll realise
Only when you’re trapped
Inside your own body
You feel like a butterfly
To flutter away
From everything
You feel like a tiger
Wanting to break free
Of all the shackles and chains
But oh! How deep
The agony, the pain
The suffering you face
When the mirror on the wall
Tells that you’re
Nothing but a woman!
All your life
You’re a captive
Being a human, especially a woman!

(This poem was found among the pages of a dusty diary dating more than 10 years back. There are more, some will see the sunlight again, some won’t. Just felt like sharing this today. )

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4 thoughts on “Captive’s Agony

  1. I just finished reading ” Five people you meet in heaven” and was thinking how wonderful it would be to be free from this world and this earthly body and to know the answers of the unknown. And here you are being poetic about freedom. Needless to say, loved it. Humans are captives of their own life and beliefs.
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