Akin to a Dream

More than 6 months had passed and Asha still felt like she was living a dream. Milan was everything she could ever have asked for. He was sweet,  caring and loving in a way that always took her by surprise. He would do small things that would win her heart, would take care of smaller things that were sure to please her.

In the initial months after the wedding she saw many significant changes in him. Not once had she wanted him to change for she loved him for what he was. He observed and identified small things that made her happy and made them a practice. He knew that a good morning hug and a peck on the cheek before he left home made her day and kept her spirits up. He knew exactly when to hold her hands and when to let her be. If he caught her throwing glancing into any of the stalls or shops, he would make excuses and lead her there and would not step out until she bought all that she wanted. Every time he ate something, the first morsel from his plate would always go to her and he would keep looking at her and smiling while she took the bite and chewed it down in her own slow pace.

She thought she was already in love when she agreed to tie the knot with Milan, but much to her surprise she discovered everyday that love is not a destination rather a journey you took in life. You don’t just love someone and stop there, you keep falling in love all over again with that same person over and over again for the same reasons and for no reasons.

She still blushed deeply when she caught him off guard looking at her and smiling for no reasons. Everyday as she lit the lamp and recited her prayers she would ask all her favourite Gods to keep them happy forever and not to let anything creep in between them.

She knew what she had was special and felt that reality was better than her dreams….

(I’m taking part in the WriteTribe Festival of Words and today’s theme is ‘Dream’ )

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  1. Love this post – (but, that’s normal, right? Your writing is Fabulous.)
    Want to wish you a Marvelous New Year . . .
    love & love,


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