Akin to a Dream

She knew what she had was special and felt that reality was better than her dreams….

Radha’s Lament

It seemed like people scared him.

The Journey

With a heavy heart she returned home, never to go back again.


In those moments when various thoughts compete to take the centre stage in my head, I find myself increasingly drawn towards your thoughts. The heart finds solace in those moments which I should no longer preserve in my system. Umpteen times have I told my better half that I love her, but not one time … Read more

Captive’s Agony

Hope dies The moment you realise The body restricts External appearance Is all that matters To this world Restrictions you’ll realise Only when you’re trapped Inside your own body You feel like a butterfly To flutter away From everything You feel like a tiger Wanting to break free Of all the shackles and chains But … Read more

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